The office I work in created three awards with which to recognize our teams' efforts from time to time. The "Hard Work" award is a Rosie the Riveter lunch box that recognizes the team that overcame the toughest technical hurdles. The Innovation award is a useless box ( that, in a tongue-in-cheek way, recognizes the team that took a truly innovative idea or technology and developed it it into a real product. And our "Top Gun" award recognizes the team that developed the product with the greatest potential. This F35 model is going to be the "Top Gun" award.

Our organization's Chief printed the parts on his 3D printer at home and I am working to get them assembled and painted.

Rowan Murphy Powers

Our middle baby, Rowan Murphy Powers. Born 26 July 2009 at the Retablo Maine Coons Cattery in Earleville, MD ( He is a Red Classic Tabby with white. His father is CH Luckypaws Proteus of Retablo. His mother is Adventhill Corazon of Retablo. Rowan came to live with us on 17 October 2009 when he was 12 weeks old. Now at 8 years old he weighs in at 17.5 pounds.

Rowan is a form of the Irish name Rúadhán (Roo awn) and essentially means "red-haired" or "Red One."

In December 2016 Rowan was diagnosed with severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease and has had his spleen removed. We have launched into the long process of finding food that won't cause inflammation and drugs/holistic treatments that will help minimize it. A beef-based diet seemed to be helping for a while. The IBD caused his weight to drop to 14.5 pounds. Switching him to beef spurred his appetite and helped him get back up to 15.3 pounds. After trying several brands, flavors, and combinations of food, Rowan is now eating well but his weight has dropped from 17.5 lbs to 16.5 lbs.

Fearghal McPate Powers

Fearghal (Fair-ul) was born on 06 April 2009 at the Mainesuspect Cattery in Baltimore, MD. He is a Brown Classic Tabby with white. His father is CH Mainesuspect Blade Runner. His mother is CH Hopecats Topkapi of Mainsuspect. Fearghal came to live with us on 28 June 2009 when he was almost 12 weeks old. He weighed just 3.5 pounds then. Now, at 8 years old, he weighs 17 pounds. Oh yeah, he enjoys a good vacuuming, too -- see the pictures.

Fearghal is an Irish name meaning "Manly" or "Valorous."


Unk's new Sheltie puppy. Every part of this dog is moving at all times when he's awake, so it's hard to get a clear photo.

MAMA Cakes

These are cakes we made for the Maryland Automotive Modelers Association (MAMA) anniversary meetings starting with the18th anniversary in 2006.

Worn Mower Blades

What a sandy yard will do to your mower blades.

My New(er) Ride

This truck previously belonged to my departed Father-in-Law, Joe Morgreth. It's a 2001 F150 XLT Sport. I lowered it 2" in front and 4" in back with a DJM suspension kit and shocks. Along with lowering I swapped in front and rear Hellwig anti-sway bars (1 7/16" F, 1 1/8" R). Further plans include, a true dual exhaust (not just two tailpipes) with 2-chamber flowmasters, shift kit, Engine reprogramming, and some wood grain interior trim. Despite the changes, I'll always know it as "Joe's Truck."

Darby Garrett Powers (12/24/2011 to 03/07/2018)

Grand Premier (GP) CJPaws Darby of DDDreams #1778-1747061 "Darby" came to us on 18 November 2012 at nearly 11 months of age and retired from the cat show circuit. He was born 24 December 2011 and currently weighs in at 16 pounds. Darby was sired by GC, RW CJPaws "Kasper" of Aslanspaw Maine Coon Cattery ( in Maryland. His Dam was GC Thecathut "Caliente Agua" of CJPAWS Maine Coon Cattery in Central Florida ( He has a beautiful female litter mate named GC CJPaws Ivy Patch of Aslanspaw, and two red brothers named GC RW CJPaws Tuscan Sun of Aslanspaw and GC CJPAWS Bono of Hopecats.

The Celtic meaning of the name, "Darby", roughly translates to "Free Born."

On 5 March 2014 Darby was diagnosed with extradural T1-2 lymphoma and was estimated to have 6 months left to live. He's undergoing chemotherapy and we pray a lot. He is tolerating the chemo treatments very well, so far. His oncologist calls him our "wonder kitty." Someone who didn't know he was fighting cancer would not guess he was sick. Usually right after treatment, he would become less active. During the weeks between treatments his activity level would increase to near normal. With dosage adjustments his activity has been much less affected.

In March 2017, Darby's gait appeared to be getting a bit "off". At this point we didn't know what could be causing it: the cancer could have been building up again or starting in another area, his hip dysplasia could have been worsening, his arthritis could have been flaring up, or some new malady could have been present. His vet adjusted his chemo regimen and he did better for another year.

Darby died on 07 March 2018. His lymphoma had spread suddenly and rapidly involving his digestive tract, kidneys, right lung and heart.

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